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Any other fonts similar to LaPolice BP or SangBleu?

Hi everybody,

so... I am looking for a font like the LaPolice BP which unfortunately is not available anymore. The B&P Foundry is now defunt and so I think I won't be aple to get the licesing for it. Swisstypefaces is offering a very similar font called SangBleu Serif Light, but indeed it's too light for me.

LaPolice >
SangBleu >

Does anybody knows other fonts like theese two?

Thanks in advance


asked by haribo (109 points) Aug 30, 2017

1 Answer

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Thank for your help, didn't know the Primo one... interesting.

Anyway I was looking for the particularity of the two mentioned above regarding the mirrored serif of the h,d,l for examples.

I don't know if there are other fonts like those.
Thanks again
OK, I see now, anyway I don't know others with those characteristics, but I think you should contact them, maybe you could get a particular license of it...
Agree. Swiss Typefaces is the successor to B&P and may still have the rights to LaPolice. Just contact them for the version you seek.