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Wide rough Latin


Struggling to identify this wide slightly roughened Latin in the same vein of Correo. Branding identity by Benjamin Cantin for Chope-sur-Mer.

asked by Ryuk (228 points) Sep 8, 2017
The same typeface has been the subject of ID requests on Whatthefont lately, but no answer yet. I've seen it used on a few other identities as well, such as Camden Records.
Hi, the typeface that I used for that logotype is Grind Stone and can be purchase here:
Thank you very much Sebastien. Like your work BTW, following you on Bēhance :)

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Asking the designer is sometimes the best idea. Thanks, Sebastien!

answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Sep 8, 2017
selected by Stewf Sep 25, 2017