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The "j" gives it away as Centaur, but it is subtly different in several particulars. Notably, the serifs are all identical; this is most noticeable on the "u", which in normal Centaur has noticeably different wedge serifs; same goes for "T". The strokes seem to be slightly lower contrast, most noticeable on the "x", "v", and "r". Some characters that look somewhat skewed in Centaur have been straightened out, in particular "i", "v" and "w".

Here's the link; the text I'm referring to is the only serif type on this page.

It's a pretty striking font, all the more so when you consider it came from Centaur, which I've always thought of as... tiresome at best. I'd like to use it myself if at all possible, but first I have to know what the font is.

Edit: Yes, it's on a website, but it is identified as 'Magorian Regular', which as far as I can tell doesn't exist anywhere else. Hoping it isn't custom.

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They are using two serif typefaces on the site. The body text is set in Crimson Text. Magorian is just at the top. (I’m still searching. If it existed before it was obviously changed for the site as “Magorian” is a centaur in the story.) 

Oops, I didn't notice that. Thanks for the correction!

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I asked on Twitter and got this answer. It’s a custom design by Typespec. They will have information on their website soon.

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Fantastic! Many thanks.

Registered on this site just so I could post this!

After a little bit of digging in the source and their stylesheets I have found direct links on Pottermore to the font files! I was able to install these on my Macbook after downloading them without issue:

  • Magorian - Their custom version of the Centaur font.
  • Ico Moon - Pottermore Icon Font (includes new Pottermore Logo, social media, and vairous other icons).
Just because you can download the font files doesn't mean you have the right to use them.
Goodness, that's right. I was hoping to license the font, not steal it.
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Oops, read the asker's text, Jan. He has already confirmed it's not Centaur.