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The Verge Sans Serif Logo Font. Need to reproduce logo.

The Verge Logos.jpg
I need to find the sans serif used for this logo for The Verge Apartments, in order to reproduce the logo. The customer only has the logo as a jpg. It features a relatively thin stroke, and some rounded corners.
asked by Adam Oct 9, 2017

1 Answer

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Can't find a match. Closest one I have is Adam. Weight being the main issue so maybe simply artificially emboldening it would do the trick?
More alternatives: Elevation (too bold, /G top finial to be tweaked), Softline (same issue as Adam) and Gondola

answered by Ryuk (228 points) Oct 10, 2017
Amazing! This will get me there. Thanks a million, Ryuk!
Adam, with a stroke, was a perfect match. You're a life saver. My client and I thank you!
Always glad to help. Have you find the one for "APARTMENTS"?
Yes, as far as I can tell, it's Nexa Regular. It is pretty pixelated in my image, though. Could also be Gotham, but I think Nexa is closer.

Rather Raleway to me ;)

Oooh, I like that. Using it! Thanks again!