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Identifying 80 year old font(s)

logo bataljona Dimitrov.png
So I've been trying to recreate logo that you can see in this picture.

From what I can see, there are two fonts used in this image (one is used to write "129 brigada internacional", and other for "Dimitrov").

Letter 'A' is the most interesting I think, I've tried looking up on various services such as WhatFontIs but I've been unable to find font with similar 'A'

In case such font does not exist, can anyone suggest similar fonts?
asked by Nikola S Oct 10, 2017

1 Answer

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This is almost certainly lettering, not a font. Note that ever letter is unique. If you like the linking style in Dimitrov, see Gneisenauette

answered by Stewf Expert (3,400 points) Oct 12, 2017