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project did by gavillet and rust for the "musée jenisch"

Tomorrow, i have to do a little presentation about a identity project based on photography. Here is a project by Gavillet & Rust, and i can't find the name of the typeface the used. I was thinking about the "Plain", a typeface they designed and available throught the Optimo type foundry. I'm not sure about the "Plain", and i would appreciate the help of someone. :) I hope my question will find an answer. All the best
asked by anonymous Oct 11, 2017

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As stated on Gavillet & Cie websiteMusée Jenisch Vevey identity uses a custom typeface drawn by François Rappo, named 'Jenisch' and that could be seen in use on the museum website as webfont. And as you already found out, Plain, also designed by François Rappo looks pretty close. 'Jenisch' is probably a custom version of it.

answered by Ryuk (228 points) Oct 11, 2017
Thank you very much !

Didn't find the information on Gavillet & Cie website...

Good day !
Agree, not so easy. You have to scroll down to Musée Jenisch Vevey case study then click top left 'Musée Jenisch Vevey' label to display the project information panel and see it.