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Serif Bold font in Chaumont graphic design poster by Joost Grootens

asked by DuDhey Oct 16, 2017

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answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Oct 17, 2017
selected by Stewf Oct 17, 2017
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Arbesco is very similar, but I'd need a larger sample to be sure....

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,426 points) Oct 16, 2017
The reason Arbesco is so similar is that it's nearly a copy of Lexicon, which is likely why it is no longer on the market.

Thanks for the information, Stephen. Both Identifont and Fonts in Use have outdated purchase links for Arbesco. I should have checked out Luc Devroye's page on DTP first:

A Typophile thread on DTP: