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FRAZETTA Calendars

there are a lot of these calendars from late 70s to early 80s

which typeface is used here?
asked by fontastique (151 points) Oct 18, 2017

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Hi Tobi & Ryuk,

the original name is West Nouveau Didot. The typeface was designed by Dave West for Photo-Lettering.

answered by Florian (233 points) Oct 31, 2017
selected by fontastique Oct 31, 2017
thanks Florian, the unofficial version of WEST NOUVEAU DIDOT is much better than MARDI GRAS

also thanks to Ryuk for finding Mardi Gras
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Unfortunately I don't know the original name of this typeface, hopefully some wise of guys over here may do. That said, it looks like Bob Alonso did a digitization under the name of "Mardi Gras", far less contrasted though.

answered by Ryuk (228 points) Oct 18, 2017
edited by Ryuk Oct 18, 2017