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A kind of all-over-the-place cool script with clean lines, slanting capital letters, a helluva "g" !!!


Used for our shop logo and I'd like to reproduce it on letterhead - but I can't find it ! Definitely a free modern script but which one ??!! Thanks in advance !
asked by Philipmale (101 points) Sep 30, 2015
reopened by Stewf Oct 1, 2015
Glad you got an answer. No need to close the question. Sometimes it's useful to keep these open in case there is more insight about the case.

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That is the shareware font Luna Bar by Fat Cat Fonts.

answered by John Lyttle Expert (550 points) Sep 30, 2015
selected by Stewf Sep 30, 2015
Hello and Many Thanks ! I have found the Luna Bar font as Freeware too - a quick google and there you go !
What you found as freeware may be the Demo font which is available directly from the designer on the site John linked.

Here's the link to the free version :

Seems legit to me ?! Hope this is useful...

You never know. These free font sites have very little incentive to be “legit”. I always find it's best to get the font directly from the maker if possible.