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(Not) Optima(?)

Not Optima, Astoria, Zapf Humanist, Syntax –– but what is it? On first glance it's Optima, but it's a tad more narrow, and differs in details (see for eample 'f' 'w' 'W'). This is from a dutch course book with lots of Mecanorma display type, published in 1978. Can anyone ID this text face?
asked by Het Mes Expert (795 points) 6 days ago
edited by Het Mes 6 days ago
Interesting! Could you you post an samples with figures and more caps?

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Solved by Jens on Twitter. This is Theme, a font that was available for the IBM Selectric Composer.

answered by Florian (170 points) 4 days ago
selected by Het Mes 4 days ago
Yes, I noticed. Very happy Jens uncovered the mystery. As for the design, Theme looks like it could  have easily survived the Selectric Composer, had it been released for othe techniques also.