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As posted over at the Facebook page.

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Looks to be from the logo for Food52 ( Not sure that helps...
Thanks, James. I updated the title. The fact that this is a logo increases the chances that it’s a custom mark and not straight from a font.

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I checked out Food52's site: the '52' is an SVG icon, so not a font.

Edit: Food52's web developer answered this same question some time ago. It is indeed custom.

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Could still be an SVG made from a font, so that’s not proof, but I think we all agree after this many weeks on the board that it’s most likely custom.
Fair point. If it was based on a font, though, I think it's nearly certain that the "goopy crotches" were introduced by the icon designer after optimizing the SVG's file size for the web; they look exactly like the artefacts introduced when you hit 'simplify path' one too many times in Inkscape, which replaces all of a path's draw commands with (round, curvy) cubic Beziers. And, indeed, if you check the SVG file, every draw command is for a cubic Bezier, excepting the sharp corner on the arm of the '5'- which would need to be reverted to remain distinct from a '6'.

Given that the 'goopy crotches' are the most distinct part of the characters, I'd imagine that the base font wouldn't satisfy the original asker.