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Multi-line, concentric lines, similar to Mexcellent but more lines

Thank you.
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This is most likely custom lettering drawn specifically for the logo, but Aki Lines is close. 

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I already found AKI, Abigil and 2 more.

They are far from it, the E, N and O are very very different.

Also R doesn't have thet gap between line and loop.

There are more differences than simillarities.

Perhaps I wasn’t very clear. This is likely not a font. Some letters, particularly those made for logos, are drawn specifically for that piece. This is known as lettering, not type. If you want this exact look, it is best to hire a lettering artist

I understand very well this might not be a font.

But I do believe it's a font, it's pretty simple and very similar to other existing fonts.

The image also contained 2 other fonts: Arial and one other I was able to identify easily.

So, this 3rd one is most likely a font, too.

Sorry, but that logic does not follow. It is quite common for logos to use custom lettering, not type — especially for a sign made in 1987, after which this logo was created.

All right, thanks.