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serif, “CSS Grid Changes Everything (About Web Layouts)” talk, by Morten Rand-Hendriksen


Serif font used throughout the presentation.

asked by hardbound (126 points) Jan 22, 2018

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Clavo by Michał Jarociński.

answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Jan 23, 2018
selected by hardbound Jan 23, 2018
Thank you.
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PT Mono by Alexandra Korolkova with participation of Isabella Chaeva.

answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Jan 22, 2018
reshown by Stewf Jan 24, 2018

I think you meant PT Serif. Still, I'm not sure that's it: note the lowercase “r” in the word “Grid” in the first two pics and the top serif on the uppercase “A” in the last one.

Yes, you're right, I posted it influenced by your other post since this one also had a monospace part, sorry.

And no, I'm afraid it's not PT Serif either.