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Lettergraphics Miami D


found in a Lettergraphics cataloge 

Also available from Nerdinger, Alphabets book 1965
as Madrid or Mumbai
Was this also released as other photoset under a different name?

asked by fontastique (151 points) Jan 27, 2018
edited by fontastique Jan 28, 2018

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Nice sleuthing, Tobi! Lettergraphics may have had a few original faces, but the vast majority of their library consisted of clones and copies, some licensed, some probably not. By contrast, the alphabets shown in the lettering manuals by Lisa Beck and Eugen Nerdinger strike me as highly original. I’d assume that Lettergraphics sourced this one straight from the Alphabete book. I am not aware of another version, film or digital.

answered by Florian (233 points) Jan 28, 2018
edited by Florian Jan 28, 2018
Thanks Florian
i was thinking the same when i found this out