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Serif book face from before 1983 (likely ~70s) — not quite Garamond

Brautigan - Sample 1.jpeg
Brautigan - Sample 2.jpeg

I've run Identifont to the core and still can't find a close match. This is from a book printed in England (London) by Lowe and Brydone from between 1973 and 1983 (it's an old library book, but likely it's actually 1973).

I can't seem to find this anywhere. Tapered J going below the baseline, R with a tapered leg, P with a gap, serif-less 4. The paper absorbed quite a bit of ink it seems so hard to read the finer details (like the serif and spur of the G). I have the book so if you need any particular glyph, let me know.

Any pointers appreciated.
asked by mathieuloutre (113 points) Jan 27, 2018

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answered by akira1975 Prodigy (340 points) Jan 31, 2018
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Nicely done, Akira! This one was stumping me. We were missing an entry on Fonts In Use. Added it now. As Estienne is not yet digitized, your closest option is probably Granjon.

Thank you for adding Estienne to Fonts In Use!
I wondered why it wasn’t there.
Brilliant! Thank you so much for this. Would love to see some closer specimens, any place I should look, a book I should get?

Letterform Archive has several Linotype specimens and could get you a photo or scan for a small fee. Contact them via email.

Great! I've just sent an email, it would be amazing if I could take a closer look. Thanks both for your help.