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Blackletter from 1983

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looking for this typeface
It was released here in 1983
not Letraset, or Mecanorma
any help would be appreciated
asked by fontastique (151 points) Jan 31, 2018

1 Answer

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Appears to be Fenwick (Dan X. Solo) / Fenwick Woodtype (Dieter Steffmann), but neither is commercially available any longer. A Google search will lead you to some sketchy download sources....
answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,442 points) Jan 31, 2018
thank you - i knew i have seen it before
Dan Solo should be the first who has digitized it
Any further informations? Designer, foundry, year of release?
Sorry, the Solotype website doesn’t provide any background information, and I haven’t found it in type specimens from the moveable type era (though I’ve only looked at a handful so far).

No need to check out the sketchy places. Dieter Steffman's blackletter fonts, including Fenwick Woodtype, can be found here:

They were all released for non-commercial use only, despite the conflicting information you may find on various sketchy free-font-download websites.

i found out more
it also was released from Mecanorma
called Decaligra
but still not sure if this was the original design - maybe inspired from an old wood type of unknown source