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I'm trying to understand what fonts were used for the original front cover of the pulp book "Men into beasts". I mean, not just the main title, but all the headings. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot! :)
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The main title may be Modern Condensed Gothic; Tourist Gothic is a modern revival.

The quote and the price at the very top appear to be Futura Condensed Bold and Futura Heavy (the sample is so small, though, that it could also be Twentieth Century).

The author's name, also too small to see much detail, might be Venus Extended.

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Thank you very much, kthomps5! :)
And the box at the very bottom? Futura family too?

ORIGINAL GOLD MEDAL BOOK — NOT A REPRINT looks to be Trade Gothlc Bold Condensed No. 20.

And I found an image of the back cover, and can confirm Futura for the quote at the top.