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Geometric serif with pointed apexes from Meat Free Monday Cookbook

This font feels really familiar but I've had no luck trying to identify it.

It's from the Meat Free Monday Cookbook - with bold, italic and possibly small caps versions in the text. Closest matches I can find are things like Neutraface and Arquitecta, but nothing quite right.

The book was designed by Here Design, who I think used the same face on a few of their other projects, including the This Is Me Full Stop image.

Sorry for the pixelated images, they're just nabbed from Amazon - any suggestions very welcome!


asked by Cat Apr 18, 2018
reshown Apr 18, 2018

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answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Apr 18, 2018
Thanks for your quick response, Tecnotronic - perfect!
You’re welcome!