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Use by Corgi toys in the 1960's

Join Corgi Club leaflet..JPG
reproducing this leaflet and can find a few close but none the same fonts
asked by Kevin M Oct 22, 2015
Thanks guys, we started with  Helvetica Neue Con and and bit of Times and Gill Sans but will be trying these suggestions....

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I would suggest Gothic 13 for the headline and then various weights/styles of Gill Sans for the rest.

answered by Paulo Goode Expert (832 points) Oct 22, 2015
selected by Stewf Oct 24, 2015
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Its Bureau Grotesk (Headline) & Gill Sans for sure.
answered by helvetica bold (136 points) Oct 23, 2015

Stephenson Blake’s Grotesque No. 9 or Monotype’s Gothic 13 are more likely as Bureau Grot didn't exist in the 1960s — it's a reinterpretation of these metal types.