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Unsual US Army Font?

From a builiding used by the US Army as a hospital during and after WW2 in the UK. Any help in identifying would be much appreciated as the letter F is confusing me.

Hopefully this is not a mix of fonts!

asked by TimD (101 points) Oct 24, 2015
edited by TimD Oct 24, 2015

1 Answer

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This is hand painted, not type. Gill Sans Extra Bold has similar shapes to the small caps, but the swash T is unique.
answered by Stewf Expert (3,412 points) Oct 24, 2015
Agreed that it is painted, but with all other US Military wall painted signage, it was painted through a common stencil.

That stencil would have been cut to a set pattern based on a typographical font at the time rather than just an set of random choice, even now the military has to conform to a set standard of signage and font.

BTW the swash T is actually an F