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Hi - I am trying to replicate an old logo for a customer. (to make a vector, make it digital, etc.)  His father had it done in the 1970s originally.  It seems that it would be easy to find a gothic, headline, sans-serif, condensed font.  But it's not!  Note the angle on the "C".  Also, I can often find similar fonts, but the "W" will be wider at the base.  I also have the knowledge that this was created in the 1970s, so that knocks out any font that was created after that.  *Note, the font is not distressed as the image shows.  He sent me an image that was scanned and it is poor quality.
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Dear kthomps5 - Wow - thank you so much.  I am grateful for the time you took to answer and help me.  You are the master of the mystery typeface.  I have literally spent hours trying to find the matching typeface.  You are my hero.    Thank you again.

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Venus Extrabold Condensed seems a likely candidate.

Sadly, that weight hasn't been revived as a digital typeface (the original designer used a phototype version).

Learn more about Venus here.

Vonness is loosely based on Venus, and would be a decent substitute—if it were still being sold.

Franchise may work for you....


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