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Text font from 1978 edition of Delta of Venus designed by Milton Glaser

delta-of-venus copy.jpg
delta-of-venus2 copy.jpg
Hello! Looking for the text face used here, with a peculiar serif on the 2nd foot of the h. Did the usual identifont/etc. and nothing close came out. Any leads appreciated.

The book is printed in the US, if that helps, and that's the book:
asked by mathieuloutre (113 points) May 29, 2018

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Glaser designed the cover of this edition, but I doubt he designed the book itself.

Palatino BQ, Berthold Foundry's version, seems to be a match.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,466 points) May 29, 2018
You're right, it does look like a match. I got "Aldus" from Identifont but really couldn't quite see it. From what I've been reading, the Palatino BQ version has been discontinued but people seem to say that this digitisation stood apart from the rest. Such a shame!

Marathon Serial by Softmaker appears to be clone of Palatino BQ, but I can’t vouch for its provenance or quality.

Thanks for tip! For anyone else stumbling on this, this Typophile thread has a lot more information on the BQ version: