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Saw this font on website. Wanted to know which font they have used here or any other similar font that it close to it.
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I'd be surprised if that wasn't a hand-crafted logo from a graphic designer...

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As Chris and James say, it's probably not a font, it's lettering. Maybe it’s the ligatures (connected letters) that interest you. It's very difficult to make a font that connects roman or italic letter shapes in this way, unless you have lots of alternates and ligatures. The letters in this logo, by contrast, were designed to work in a specific order with specific connections. So, hiring a lettering artist is the best way to get what you want in this style. Here are some letterers I recommend.

If you must use a font, there are a few decent typographic attempts at a connected roman, but most require some modification for a natural connection between many of the letters: 

You can also achieve a similar style with a casual, monolinear script:

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Theorem reminds me of the new Olive Garden logo...

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Looks hand-done to me, too. Bears a slight resemblance to Cronos...

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