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This font is from a medallion for the Welch Foundation, no one knows what the font is.

Welch award font.JPG
This is the only sample I have and is from a 3 inch bronze cast medallion.

The closest I can find is High Tower Text but the bottom of the R leaning leg does not drop below the other letters.

Key things I noticed (please forgvie incorrect terms)

Mid horizontal lines are above center

R rignt leg tail extends below other letters.

Center of W is low

Weight of strokes is pretty consistent other than serifs.
asked by Rich Beck Jun 13, 2018

1 Answer

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Sorry, but the type on this medallion appears to be hand lettered/sculpted—it doesn’t correspond to a typeface used for printing.

I ran its characteristics through Identifont's Fonts by Appearance dialogue, and didn't come up with any close matches that hit all the unusual characteristics you called out.

Brioso, Poetica, Larcher Roman, Light Face Roman, Grand Central, Felix Titling, etc., have similar vibes, but miss on a few key details.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,536 points) Jun 13, 2018