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Condensed sans serif

Dark Days.png
Anyone got any idea of what this can be?
Asking for a friend.
asked by joakimjansson (107 points) Oct 31, 2015

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I think this is Opti Venus Bold Condensed.

I am not sure if OptiVenus (which can be found online) is legal. The versions of Venus sold at Myfonts or Linotype miss out on the Bold Condensed version.

For information on and links to discussions about Optifonts/Castcraft software, see here:

'Dark Days' set in OptiVenus Bold Condensed:

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) Nov 3, 2015
selected by Stewf Nov 4, 2015

The best legal alternative to Venus with a Bold Condensed weight is David Berlow's version of Venus for Font Bureau: Vonness


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answered by Stewf Expert (3,404 points) Nov 1, 2015
This looks pretty close with a modified R.

Also similar: Franchise

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No exact match but your friend may like Album Cover JNL

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) Oct 31, 2015