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Wooden, Broken or Scratched font for The Speed Thrills

speed thrills font sample_with layers_flat.jpg
speed thrills font sample.jpg
This font is needed for an important project for a client. I am happy to contribute or donate to a charity of your choice if you can help me find it.

Best Regards

asked by schoolboy69 (103 points) Nov 16, 2015
edited by Stewf Nov 16, 2015

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I agree with John that this was done by hand. This style was traditionally made for comic books, pulp novels, and horror film posters using a dry ink brush. Here is a list of fonts in this style. Agent of the Uncanny or Shrunken Head look like the best matches…

No need to donate. If this was helpful, your best thanks would be to buy a font at MyFonts through the link above.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,404 points) Nov 16, 2015
selected by Stewf Nov 24, 2015
Hi Stewf,

Brilliant! Now I see your suggestions they make complete sense. I dont know why I hadn't been able to identify these type of fonts before. I think I was focussing too much on the 'wooden' aspect of the text sample I had.

Thank you so much and I will provide a choice of fonts such as Agent of the Uncanny and Shrunken Head for the client to select.

Best Regards

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Looking at the two Ls, I can see that there was some custom distressing going on – these two letters don't match. It may have been a plain font to start with or maybe it was developed from scratch. Sorry about the pun.
answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Nov 16, 2015
Hi John,

Well spotted! I will give the client the option of one of Stewf's fonts from Myfonts, or my customisation of an existing font.

Thank you so much for your input.