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Do you know a digital interpretation of this typeface found in every sheet music ?

italique henle.jpg
italique peters.jpg

I've been looking for a long time for a modern interpretation of these typefaces that are traditionnally used in sheet music since the 19th century. The first image comes from Henle editor, the second one from Peters. Even if they are not exactly the same, they share the same characteristics, but I've never been able to find any digital font matching exactly all of these features...

Scotch Roman, Excelsior and many of the "news" or "legibility" typefaces are quite close but there is always a letter that doesn't match : often the g, v and always z. Maybe the font I'm looking for doesn't exist ?

Thanks for your help !
asked by Antoine Aug 19, 2018

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In the 19th century there were dozens of foundries who had typefaces in this style, often generically called Modern or Scotch, followed by a number. 

The most common 20th-century typeface in this style is Century Expanded, which is quite close, but has a single-story ‘g’.

Benton Modern is another close digital interpretation. As is Scotch Modern, but it has a single-story 'g' and other distinctive characteristics.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,343 points) Aug 21, 2018
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