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Condensed calligraphic caps used for cover of A.M. de Jong Omnibus (publisher: De Arbeiderspers)

asked by Ryan Sep 2, 2018
edited by Stewf Sep 2, 2018

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Interesting, it reminds me of the designs by Boudewijn Ietswaart, but those are all hand lettered. In 2010 a set of fonts were released based on Ietswaart’s lettering. Discreta, Delicada, and Libre are all similar to the typeface used for this series.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,313 points) Sep 2, 2018

Some more from the book series:

Aha! This homage to the book series gives us a clue to the answer. The colophon says it uses a custom typeface based on the lettering of Helmut Salden (who designed 258 covers for Arbeiderspers).

The original covers have such consistent letters they appear to use a typeface, but perhaps it was just Salden’s lettering that was reproduced when appropriate. Or perhaps they used a custom typeface back then. Whatever it is, I am not aware of a retail font of this design – in metal, digital, or otherwise.

Ah! Thanks so much, Stephen. This is immensely helpful! I will definitely soon be stopping by Museum Meermanno...