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Condensed calligraphic caps used for cover of A.M. de Jong Omnibus (publisher: De Arbeiderspers)

asked by Ryan Sep 2
edited by Stewf Sep 2

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Interesting, it reminds me of the designs by Boudewijn Ietswaart, but those are all hand lettered. In 2010 a set of fonts were released based on Ietswaart’s lettering. Discreta, Delicada, and Libre are all similar to the typeface used for this series.

answered by Stewf Champ (3,070 points) Sep 2

Some more from the book series:

Aha! This homage to the book series gives us a clue to the answer. The colophon says it uses a custom typeface based on the lettering of Helmut Salden (who designed 258 covers for Arbeiderspers).

The original covers have such consistent letters they appear to use a typeface, but perhaps it was just Salden’s lettering that was reproduced when appropriate. Or perhaps they used a custom typeface back then. Whatever it is, I am not aware of a retail font of this design – in metal, digital, or otherwise.

Ah! Thanks so much, Stephen. This is immensely helpful! I will definitely soon be stopping by Museum Meermanno...