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70's vinyl record label printing fonts ID

s-l1600 (3).jpg
Records from Jamaica 70's


I need to ID the fonts in yellow! for printing sleeves.

Thank you in advance!
asked by Loïc Sep 29, 2018

1 Answer

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“Be at the Jamaica Success Club”
Perhaps Granby Condensed. Hasn’t been digitized. Check out Verlag or Metro Nova Condensed (with alts).

Probably Craw Modern.

“Produced by MANZIE AND BUNNY.”

answered by Stewf Expert (3,357 points) Sep 30, 2018
70's vinyl record label printing fonts ID Pt. 2
Thank you so much ! You guys are very efficient. I did some research but was totally far from those.

Craw Modern and Futura are the right ones no doubt.

Grandby condensed seem to be the right one too. I was also thinking of Block Berthold Condensed or Amsi Pro Cond Ultra , not sure.

For the "JA-MAN" part, no idea ? It is hard to say because there is only a few letters.

Some better pictures with same font as "Jamaican Success Club" and "JA-MAN".

I have a lot more fonts to find !