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a kind of Rubens font

found this german movie poster from the Godfather Trilogy, i searched a lot for the font in use, which is similar to Larchmont (Bellows) but no match
The poster is from 1974
There are a lot of similar but i want to find the right one

Thanks for help in this hard case
asked by fontastique (151 points) Oct 11, 2018

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A bit on the lineage of the typography of The Godfather.

Larchmont was used for the film logotype.

I'm afraid Font Mesa's recreation, Corleone, is about as close as you can get in a digital typeface.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,466 points) Oct 11, 2018
thanks, i talked to Michael Hagemann who did Corleone, he drew it and it's his own interpretation, i sent him a showing of Larchmont and he didn't knew it
So i have a specimen of Bellows and Larchmont, the above type is still different
see the i-dots and the p for example
As this is a poster i am sure a font was used back in 1974.
So i still search the original type.