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Beautiful Natural Font (hand drawn condensed sans with contrast)

This font is great and I need to add it to my collection.

I was wondering if any one has used this in their own work? Or simply come across it.

I would appreciate the help.

asked by Scott Dec 14, 2015
edited by Stewf Dec 15, 2015
Thanks guys,

I have found a few fonts that are similar to this - and thank you Stewf.
I asked a collegue at work and he also said the same as you Tecnotronic.

I will have to make my own :D a fun project but here are the top contenders I have found for anyone who stumbles across this post:

- HillsideVista
- Insomniac
- Oliver
- Adventure
- Catalina Regular
- Luella
- Joyful Juliana Pro
- KG Sweet & Sassy

Thanks again guys!

Thanks for the list. Luella is the closest among those, because it is not monoline; it has thick/thin (contrasting) strokes.

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Technotronic is correct. Best hire a lettering artist if you want this look. If you must use a font, these have a similar flavor:




Adorn Condensed Sans




Luella (Found by ScottG, above. Strange stroke contrast on this one. The thicks are not in their conventional spots. That must be intentional because Cindy Kinash’s other typefaces are traditionally constructed.)

answered by Stewf Expert (3,412 points) Dec 15, 2015
selected by Stewf Dec 29, 2015
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3 A's all different, 2 M's all different, 4 E's all different, ... smells to most probably not a font, sorry.
answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Dec 14, 2015
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