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This font is on a fire truck that I need to replace some decals. I need to match the font on the truck. The image is from a picture of that fire truck.

Truck Numbers2.jpg
Truck Numbers.jpg
I need to match the font in the picture.  The picture is of the lettering on a fire truck.  I need to replace some of the decals on the fire truck and need to match the decals using the same font.  I have searched every means possible for the name of this font and I am unable to match it.  This is for one of my big clients  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
asked by Michael Boudreaux Nov 5, 2018

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What Tecnotronic said. Another starting point could be Modesto (Poster or Condensed).

answered by Florian (233 points) Nov 10, 2018
selected by Stewf Nov 10, 2018
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Most probably handmade or from a specific signage software, I'm afraid you will have to fake Gin to do the replacements.

answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Nov 5, 2018