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Christmas quiz

In case you need some practice over the holiday...
asked by jamesmillner Expert (1,352 points) Dec 22, 2015
Well that didn't last long... :) The answers were:

Jupiter Pro

    Patric Griffin: "Jupiter is a take on the Roman alphabet the way it looked in Roman times. It is also influenced by many different historical interpretations of the Roman alphabet, most notably the work of Friedrich Poppl, whose rough Nero typeface was a very beautiful expression, though a bit too calligraphic in concept."

21 Gun Salute Expanded

    from the prolific Dan Zadorozny at Iconian Fonts
Techno Regular

    a font designed by David Berlow of Font Bureau in the 1990s and provided as
    part of MacOS System 8 (or perhaps 9).
Lexicon No. 1 Italic

    by Bram de Does, designed in the late 1980s and 1990s
House Script

    from House Industries' Sign Painter collection, House Script

San Francisco UI Text Light

    Apple's new system font that banishes Helvetica from phone, tablet, and desktop.


    Another Apple font rescued from the old MacOS System 8 or 9 system folder.

Vitesse Bold

    From Hoefler & Frere-Jones in 2006.

Miller Display

    At the beginning of the 19th century, Richard Austin of London cut for foundries in Glasgow some of the first typefaces designed with newspapers in mind. Matthew Carter’s Miller is a modern revival with optical sizes. The four-weight Display family, specifically for headlines, amplifies the elegant contrast and crisp finish of the “Scotches.”

Klang MT Std

    Will Carter, well known in connection with his private press in Cambridge, combined the skills of a calligrapher with a practical knowledge of printing. His mastery of pen-drawn letterforms was put to practical use in the design of Klang (1950s).

Circular Std Medium

    Laurenz Brunner's friendly geometric sans from 2005 - 2013.

    from Mecanorma, perhaps based on something older?

Goldsmith Script LHF

    John Studden's old fashioned script for LetterHead Fonts.

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twelve eleven ten nine eight seven six five four three two one?

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) Dec 22, 2015
selected by jamesmillner Dec 28, 2015
Ha, yes, you've done this nicely - people might not cheat with hovering over your links.
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answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 22, 2015
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answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 22, 2015
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answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 22, 2015
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answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 22, 2015
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The intro text would be Jupiter, with a few of its alternative glyphs in play. Very seasonally appropriate to use a typeface based on letterforms developed in Ancient Rome.

answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 23, 2015
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answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Dec 22, 2015