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Современные лестницы и ограждения из стекла и дерева
Pleasure toy

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This is Grandmaster Clash. It was made a bit thinner by the designer of the T-shirt.

Ben Goetting:

"From what I can gather from internet searches (so take it with a grain of salt) there was a tee shirt shop in Brooklyn in the 70's and 80's where this typeface orginated. The legend goes that an Old English / Blackletter typeface was simplified enough so it could be cut out of felt letters and ironed on to shirts and jackets of many a rapper and b-boy crew. From Grandmaster Flash to the Rocksteady CrewBiz Markee and Joe Strummer visiting on tour with the Clash. I couldn't find a digital version of this font anywhere so I decided to make one. With a focus on making similar replica shirts of that era - I didn't include much for extra characters but I did throw in some alternate Y's and T's based on different versions I've seen (Do you Like Big Audio Dynamite's "Y" or the version on Joe Strummmer' s "C. City Rockers" shirt?)."

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Het Mes

Wow thanks for your answer, agreed about 'felt letters and ironed on to shirts".

I do like Big Audio Dynamite's "Y" better!