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Does anyone know the font used for the text "Salon Cent" and "Cycles et Automobiles G. Ribiere"? It appears to be from the a type specimen dating back to 1901 from la Fonderie Typographique. This sample is pulled from Type. A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles 1901 - 1938. Volume 2

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I got Sean’s question by email. Here’s my response:

I’m sorry for the delay on this. It took me a bit of time to track down because La Fonderie Typographique is a periodical, not a foundry, so I’ve been looking in the wrong place in our collection. I did finally track it down, as well some other showings of the typeface in other issues of the journal.

The typeface is Sabines, from the Ch. Beaudoire & Co. foundry. Unfortunately, that’s all the info I have. We have one Beaudoire catalog but Sabines is not shown as it likely came later.

The next place I’d look is the history of the Beaudoire foundry to see if another company took over and absorbed their catalog, which means we could find more samples in another specimen. I’ll let you know if I learn more on this. Just wanted to give you this update so you didn’t think we’d forgotten you.

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