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This is a nice typefont I found in an old Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow guide that was written by a defunct company called Versus Books. I can't seem to find this particular typefont anywhere online. Identifont couldn't find it, Adobe Fonts didn't have it, and FontBros had a few close ones, but not what I was looking for. Since the book was published in 1999, it's possible that the font came from whatever book-designing software was popular during that time. Does anyone recognize this font?
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Seems to be called Surrounding, by The Girl Who Cried Type, but whether it was the typeface used in the book or a fan font created from it, I couldn’t tell you (the typeface has a published date of 2007). link.

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According to Luc Devroye's site, N.J. McLellan (the woman behind The Girl Who Cried Type), based Surrounding on a typeface used by the Icelandic singer Björk around the time of the release of her album Verspertine (2001), so the original still needs to be identified....

I've found it under the names Highball (BOSS Fonts/Arts & Letters, mid 1990s, pirated and renamed) and Brassfield (Sterling Court Publishing, 1991). Brassfield was designed by Jim Pearson, and appears to be the original name.