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I'm interested in the fonts used for "JUDY JUDY JUDY," "World's Greatest Entertainer ... In Person" and "Only New York Concert Appearance Carnegie Hall..."

Exact match is preferred, but close approximations are welcome.
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JUDY JUDY JUDY might have been set in a face originally know as Horizontal, digitally revived as Miedinger (the name of the designer) by Canada Type.


For WORLD’S GREATEST ENTERTAINER and IN PERSON, I keep getting a match to something called Linotype Heraldus (also offered by Elsner+Flake at one time), but I can’t find any history on it. Futura No. 2 Extra Bold would be a decent approximation.


For CARNEGIE HALL and the date and time, not quite Futura or Flyer.

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“WORLD’S GREATEST ENTERTAINER” is Tempo Black (of which Heraldus was a digital version).


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Ah, thanks Stewf. Too bad none of the digital revivals of Tempo seem to include that weight.


Tempo looks good for the type at the bottom of the poster as well, don’t you think? Again, however, not available in all the weights used on the poster. Tempo Grunge would work to approximate the smallest lines of type.


Any thoughts on what GARLAND might be?

I think both JUDY and GARLAND are most likely to be hand lettered. the ‘A’s in GARLAND are different at least. There were some similar fonts from Filmotype, Photo-Lettering, and Lettering Inc, but lettering this would be easier at that era.