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Dark Watermark.png
Used this font in branding a personal project - it's embedded in a bunch of raster images, videos, etc.

Then I had to reimage my laptop, and I can't find the blasted thing :)

This was on a fairly standard corporate windows laptop, so it's probably one that office or similar packages install by default, but I can't find the blasted thing again. Various font ID sites come up with very close matches, but none of them are dead on.

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This is Agency FB. Agency Gothic is a design from the 1930s, and there are a few digitizations, such as Agency Gothic CT, but Font Bureau’s is the only one with lowercase.

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Wow - Thanks so much. Think I've worked out why I'm confused too - Old system had old MS Office installed (presumably including this truetype), but new one is O365, which stores fonts non-locally (or possibly in new format?), so inkscape, and friends don't see them.

Thanks so much... I've literally been annoyed by this for weeks :)