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I am reproducing some graphics for this Momo Porsche 935 from the late 1970's to early 1980's.

Wondering if anyone could help:

-pinpoint me to the correct font for the electrodyne logo

-Identify the font for Kendall Motor Oil Logo from the front bumper of the car.

-Identify the font for moretti on the windshield.

I am pretty certain the electrodyne logo is the ITC Avant Garde bold font but there are a lot of fonts that are extremely similar in style.

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electrodyne does seem to be set in Avant Garde Bold.


Moretti appears to be custom, but very similar to Folio Bold Extended, which is currently not available in digital form. AG Book Extended Bold is also similar.


Kendall appears to be based on Champion Bold, formerly offered by the now defunct OPTI-Castcraft company. Futura Futuris Black would be a decent substitute.

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I have Folio Bold Extended in digital form. Not sure where I got it from though.