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Baby Shark's Big Show end credits 0-6 screenshot.png

Once again, here's another image from the upcoming preschool show, Baby Shark’s Big Show!, premiering on Nickelodeon on March 26th. Now, I have it in full HD. I don't think the typeface here it's that much of a custom font to me; I think it's used on something else. Is it really custom, and what's more, what is the name of this typeface? Please let me know soon, and thank you very much for your support!

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Oh, and from that last one, you thought the answer would have been "Billy", but it's not. This typeface is WAY different than Billy.


Kevin offered Billy as a similar typeface, not a match. You may need to come to terms with the possibility that this is a custom font and not available to the public. 

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This looks like either a modified application of a proprietary font called Pinkfong Baby Tuxedo (I have done work for the Baby Shark touring show and have used this in their advertising.) or another proprietary font based on the same design. The basic version is square to the baseline ... sample below.


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Holy cow! Send me a that font file if you have it! I need that font for a few fan projects I's working on.
Hi PinkfongFan. “Proprietary” means that it is not available to the public. You need a specific license to use it.
How to aquire such a license?
I only have this because I have done work (indirectly) for them promoting their touring show. It is not available for purchase.
You could share it with me if you could.
And threaten my working relationship with a customer by violating the implicit license agreement involved in my posession (read: not ownership) of the font in the first place?

I'm not sure if you're underestimating my professional integrity or overestimating your "need" to have it. I'm guessing both.
Oh darn! I didn't know! I'm terribly sorry about that. I was only curious.
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Not a match, but you may like Grenadine

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