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Screenshot 2021-04-13 153404.png
Screenshot 2021-04-13 153433.png
These photos are screenshots of the only photo we have of this decal, provided by a client. I think it was a relatively popular font but the photo clarity is a little too fuzzy for me to really distinguish what the font could be.
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Sorry, but without a larger, clearer image, we would be hard pressed to ID it as well.


Vaguely similar: Eden Extra Bold, Quirinus, Corvinus

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Another similar—Citadel Solid

thanks for these recommendations! I know I defnitely see some small serifs on the J and h in the photo but I feel the letterforms are very similar to Compacta Black in terms of letter height and stroke width. Do you think there's a font you know of that could be a good median between your suggestions and compacta black?