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Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Seems to be an artificially italicized setting of Isonorm.

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Thank you so much. I'm still searching for a lowercase sample of DIN 16, as it looks quite similar too.

DIN 16 is similar, but not a match.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Kevin is right about Isonorm: Letraset offered upright and oblique versions of this design.

You can read about Daniel Miller’s work for Mute Records in this article. He refers to “the DIN typeface”, but it’s really Isonorm Italic. Technically, ISO 3098 (“Isonorm”) is an international standard also adopted by the German DIN. It superseded the earlier standard that served as basis for the typefaces named “DIN”.

Well, I got it partially right—I was unaware that an italic version existed at one time, and that it was available from Letraset no less.
Thank you so very much, Florian.