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I know later Gothics by e. g. Klinkhart 1883 or Bauer 1915, which look similar (EaZ). But this one is different when I look at small letter f.
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Hello Helmut, are you looking for a digital option that comes close, or for an ID of the historical type? I can’t help with the latter. Gerhard Helzel has digitizations of several 19th-century Gotisch designs, but none of them has a non-descending f.
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Thx for the answer. I just want to know (and it made me crazy) where the typeface is coming from. In the 18th century Gothic was not usual. Later ~1850 it became a hype and all of the typecutters had one or more.

One very similar is Fette Gotisch of Dieter Steffmann, but has f with fine descender:

One with a simlar f is ManuskriptGotisch of D. Steffmann, but more different:

Helzel has mostly the same. They are all recut from late 19th century specimens.