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It is called Romain BP Text by Swiss Typefaces. The typeface was later expanded and renamed SangBleu, but unfortunately the text weights did not survive the update.


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Thank you so very much, K. What I don't fully understand is if the typeface has undergone a renaming process while staying equal or if a completely new typeface (SangBleu, in this case) has taken the place of Romain BP Text.

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Fiz de la Peña.

Romain BP Text is no more. It included some distinctive features (like the straight serifs on the lowercase s) that were not included in the expanded and renamed typeface.

Here is the same phrase from the illustration above (set in Romain), but now set in SangBleu Roman:

In SangBleu, the k, h, and i now have top serifs that extend left and right, and the s has rounded—not straight—terminals (similar to the one on the overhang of the a). The tail of the y has also been reined in / toned down.

Thank you so very much for the enlightened explanation.

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