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Fram Logo.jpg
Not sure if these would've been hand lettered and reproduced. The condensed text seems to be somewhere between Futura Bold Condensed and Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Condensed with kind of a tall x height.
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First, FRAM is a custom logotype—you won’t find a match in a typeface.


I think you are spot-on for FILTERS—most likely a phototypesetting version of Akzidenz Grotesk. AG (Akzidenz Grotesk) Book Pro Medium Condensed seems to be your best match in a digital typeface.


For FRAM, Francker Black (artificially italicized) gets you close for the F, A, and M. For the R, Helvetica Black Extended Oblique could be modified to match.

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Thank you Kevin! You really help me push these reproduction jobs through!

It's such a unique R in the FRAM name that I thought it was custom as well. I think the current day logo is actually a font which seems to be some version of Helvetica.