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Seems similar to Microgramma or Eurostile, but more constructed, maybe even hand-drawn and produced.
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This is a common style found in German-speaking countries — particularly in architectural letters — in the mid 20th century, and is usually custom lettering, not a single typeface. One alphabet model is found in Walter Käch’s 1949 book Schriften / Lettering / Ecritures, but it was not made into a font. Similar: Runway, URW Aggie (based on the Zürich alphabet in Lettera (1954).

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thanks again, excellent tips.

I also just discovered this... Garaje Wide A at a cool little French foundry: 205TF


Good find! Adding to the Zürich list of relateds.

BTW, I just uploaded a scan of Zürich and immediately saw that it has flat sides on letters like C and S, which makes it quite different than this lettering. Käch’s alphabet (and Runway, Garaje) is indeed a closer match.