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I would like to know the name of the font in the pic, please
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You can see the typeface, Intel One, featured and identified in this brand video at the 26 second mark.


The rebrand was done by Andrew Mirakian.

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Thanks! I will start looking for that font... I wish I could get it soon.
Sorry, but it is custom to the company—it is not available to the public.
Thanks for your help and feedback, fortunatelly I could get it surfing in the web.
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Looks like a tweaked version of Cera Pro or Montserrat to me, but there are lots of new geometric sans out there.
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Not finding a match. Can you provide more details about the source of the image?


Thanks for the additional information, and for the link.


According to the website code, it is a custom typeface called Intel-One:


thanks for the info. yes i missed that one. it looks like intel saw what mike abbink did/does for ibm and said, yes we want some of that too...