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Been looking for the Turkish road sign font for a long time now. Many sites say that it is FHWA/Highway Gothic, however this is not true; it is based on this typeface. There are two variants - O-Serisi for motorways and E-Serisi for all other roads. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if such fonts exist?

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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I am seeing a few different styles of y between the top two photos and the bottom photo, so these may be similar styles, but not the exact same typeface.


It is most likely a custom / country-specific adaptation of FHWA/Highway Gothic, and not anything commercially available. Not finding a match in any database.


Similar for the largest (top) sample—Elliot Sans.

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Yes, there's a difference between the 'y' because of the two different typefaces: O-Serisi, for motorways (green signs) and E-Serisi for regional roads (blue signs), city signs and others. Unfortunately, you've said just what I thought - it isn't available anywhere, hence this was my last resort. All I've managed to find is documentation on both fonts (and so the name of the typefaces) - 

(see pg. 96-110 for E-Serisi and 111-125 for O-Serisi)

Many thanks for the recommendation - save for a lack of support for Turkish letters and minor differences in some letters, it is a perfect match. But I think I'd like this topic to remain open, just in case 

I only pointed out the y because the the various series of FHWA differ by width and weight, but not by letter form (as far as I can tell).
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I have e-serisi as TTF, but o-serisi don't.

O- serisi is identical to Roadgeek 2005 Series EM TTF.

E-serisi font is used in (blue ones) State Roads between cities whereas O-serisi (green ones) used in Highways.

White ones only used in city areas governed by municipilaty font is same with blue ones.

Brown is only used for historical places. Yellow signs point next foriegn city near borders for visitors leaving Turkey.

All fonts are e-serisi except in highways (green)

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Hi Levent, can you send me E-serisi font file?
Same here.
Hi! Levent, could u send me this file. i'll do appreciate it. Thanks.