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Been looking for the Turkish road sign font for a long time now. Many sites say that it is FHWA/Highway Gothic, however this is not true; it is based on this typeface. There are two variants - O-Serisi for motorways and E-Serisi for all other roads. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if such fonts exist?

Thanks in advance

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I am seeing a few different styles of y between the top two photos and the bottom photo, so these may be similar styles, but not the exact same typeface.


It is most likely a custom / country-specific adaptation of FHWA/Highway Gothic, and not anything commercially available. Not finding a match in any database.


Similar for the largest (top) sample—Elliot Sans.

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Yes, there's a difference between the 'y' because of the two different typefaces: O-Serisi, for motorways (green signs) and E-Serisi for regional roads (blue signs), city signs and others. Unfortunately, you've said just what I thought - it isn't available anywhere, hence this was my last resort. All I've managed to find is documentation on both fonts (and so the name of the typefaces) - 

(see pg. 96-110 for E-Serisi and 111-125 for O-Serisi)

Many thanks for the recommendation - save for a lack of support for Turkish letters and minor differences in some letters, it is a perfect match. But I think I'd like this topic to remain open, just in case 

I only pointed out the y because the the various series of FHWA differ by width and weight, but not by letter form (as far as I can tell).