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Hi all,

Before I get to more details about this request, I'd like to thank this community for all the help I've received with my logo reproductions! It would be nearly impossible to repro some of these logos without the help of you all.

I've been having trouble id'ing the 'RACING OILS' font. I'm not finding many contemporary sans serifs/gothics with high contrast, the closest fonts I've been able to id are Haettenschweiler or Impact. Seems like the font could have been artificially italicized as MAXIMA has a deeper slant than the current logotype. In the photo, I have edited Haettenschweiler in the black text to try to match the logo.

Thanks again for any and all help!
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I can’t improve on what you've found already.
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Hey Kevin, thanks for the response! I guess I'm on some sort of right track if you're not able to find anything I haven't yet! Wondering if this edited photo will give you a better idea of what the font could be.

I've edited the photo to de-italicize the fonts, do you think there's any semblance of any other fonts with this modified pic?


I de-italicized them myself, and wasn’t able to find a better match for RACING OILS.

You already know that MAXIMA is Futura Black?



Yep! We have Futura Black in our library already. I appreciate your effort in trying to id this font!